Lib Dems hold Mole Valley and make progress across Surrey

In the elections on May 6th, the Liberal Democrats retained control of Mole Valley District Council.

In the Surrey County elections, all six Mole Valley Councillors were re-elected, but 5 gains elsewhere increased the number of Lib Dem Councillors to 14; the number of Conservative seats fell from 61 to 47.

In the Police & Crime Commissioner election, Paul Kennedy came second overall - the best result for the Lib Dems in Surrey.

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    Article: Jul 14, 2021

    You know how serious the threat of climate change is and the potential consequences for our planet if action is not taken. That's why it's vital that MP's back the UK's recent Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, soon to be debated in Parliament.

    The Bill provides a framework of policies to reduce both the UK's entire emissions and its ecological footprint. There are three areas to the bill:

    • Tackling the climate emergency, restricting the rise in global temperature to 1.5°C. In the UK, we need to take into account all our emissions based on production and consumption including those goods manufactured abroad.
    • Reversing our ecological crises with strict targets so that nature is visibly and measurably on the path to recovery by 2030.
    • Making the transitions in a fair and sustainable way so vulnerable communities don't bear the brunt of the changes

  • David Draper, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Tourism at Ranmore BMX track ()
    Article: Jun 21, 2021

    As Liberal Democrats, we have pledged to be greener, fairer and more caring in the way we serve Mole Valley communities. This Lib Dem Council administration cares about community and understands the importance of listening when local residents express genuine concerns about issues that are important to them. During the course of the last few weeks, for example, there has been much discussion over the future of the Dorking BMX Track, with new and varying concerns coming to light from local people and users of the track. Consequently, we have decided to withdraw the current BMX report and recommendations from consideration by the Cabinet at its meeting on 22nd June. This will allow more time to explore all the views and discuss a future course of action on what is clearly an important issue to members of our community.

  • Survey: Jun 20, 2021
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    Register for the Zoom call with Mark Pack on Thursday 24th June at 7pm

  • May 21 Council meeting
    Article: May 21, 2021

    Due to necessary social distancing requirements, the Annual Meeting of Mole Valley took place, not in the council chamber, but in the Large Hall of the Dorking Halls. It reminded everyone of an exam room with each councillor sat at a separate table. But the atmosphere was lively as everyone was freed from their virtual zoom squares and back into the world of reality.

  • Stephen Cooksey Leader of Mole Valley Council ()
    Article: May 19, 2021

    This is quite a historic and welcome occasion - the first meeting in person of Councillors for over a year. I have certainly missed the interaction of debate and discussion between members which cannot be replicated in a virtual environment. I would like to thank our officers for making this possible - the establishment of a safe and secure meeting place was no easy task, but as with the elections, and the challenging circumstances that we have experienced over the past year or so, they have found and implemented a way forward and we are very grateful for the work that they have done.

  • Article: May 17, 2021

    The Lib Dems retain control of Mole Valley District Council following a successful local election campaign. This reflects public confidence in the work our team has been doing over the last two years and means we can continue our progressive agenda for the benefit of all residents.

    Welcome to three new Liberal Democrat District councillors - Chris Coghlan (Dorking North), Rosemary Hobbs (Holmwoods) and Nick Wright (Dorking South). Congratulations to them and a huge thank you to Paul Elderton, Wayne Monkman and Tim Loretto, who stood down at this election after many years of collective service to the Mole Valley communities. They brought great credit to the local Liberal Democrats.

  • Article: Apr 26, 2021
  • Kids learning 2
    Page: Apr 23, 2021

    24 years of Conservative leadership at Surrey County Council has cost the residents, charities and businesses of Surrey dearly. Our communities can't afford another four years. The Liberal Democrats are offering somethng new for Surrey. We have a clear plan to create a greener, more community-focused, caring and competent council.

  • PCC Podcast - Woking Lds
    Article: Apr 19, 2021

    The local election is fast approaching. Woking residents will go to the polls on May 6th to have their say on who represents their Borough, their County and as their Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). But wait, what does the PCC do? What powers do they have?

    In this episode Liberal Democrat Candidate Dale Roberts explores the issues that will help you decide where to place your vote. He is joined by Lib Dem Cllrs Will Forster (Woking Borough Council and Surrey County Council) and Paul Kennedy (Mole Valley and standing for Surrey's PCC).

  • Article: Mar 10, 2021

    We caught up with candidate Rosemary Hobbs via Zoom call.