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  • Article: Mar 23, 2022

    Sadly, as the BBC has reported, the River Mole has the highest number of unpermitted raw sewage spills in the country. Even worse, our Conservative MP voted against an amendment in parliament to force water companies to clean up their act.

    Here Cllr Chris Coghlan explains what our Liberal Democrat Council is doing to encourage our MP and Thames Water to act on sewage.

  • Clayton Wellman ()
    Article: Mar 11, 2022

    Cllr Clayton Wellman, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Economy and Security, updates on the support the Council is providing to businesses across Mole Valley. Check out the video below.

  • Receipt ()
    Article: Mar 9, 2022

    Conservative Surrey County Council and Police and Crime Commissioner increase Band D council tax by £87, Liberal Democrat run Mole Valley by less than £5.

    £50 million property losses at Surrey

    Conservative-run Surrey County Council has imposed a 5% increase in its council tax precept, while admitting it has lost £50 million on commercial property investments outside Surrey. In answer to questions from Lib Dem councillors, the Council admitted that the Malvern Retail Park, bought for £75m in 2017, is worth just £38m, and a Debenhams store in Winchester bought for £15.8 million is now valued at just £6.25m.

  • Article: Mar 5, 2022

    Councillor Clayton Wellman, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Economy and Security, updates on the activities and plans around the Mole Valley car parks.

  • Article: Mar 3, 2022

    Today our Dorking Councillors David Draper, Hazel Watson, Chris Coghlan, Margaret and Stephen Cooksey attended the opening of the new Garden of Remembrance at Dorking Cemetery with Chris Hunt, the Council Chairman. David Draper in particular has been working hard to deliver this project for our residents and it is wonderful to see it delivered for our residents.

  • 20 is plenty ()
    Article: Feb 27, 2022

    Conservatives running Surrey County Council have dismissed calls by the Lib Dems to roll out 20 mph zones in residential roads and outside schools across Surrey.

    Surrey Lib Dems recently put forward a motion calling for a bigger and bolder programme of schemes to implement 20 mph zones using signs only, in a bid to facilitate better conditions for walking and cycling; improve road safety; tackle climate change and to allow residents to enjoy the resulting wider health benefits.

  • Clayton Wellman ()
    Article: Feb 25, 2022

    Parking improvements to be financed, in part, by below inflation increase in parking fees

    The Lib Dem administration at Pippbrook is investing £1 million pounds in improvements and essential maintenance to Mole Valley's car parks. Depending on the car park and its needs, the refurbishment fund will deliver new surfacing and markings, lighting improvements, new railings and footways, structural improvements, and the Electric Vehicle Charge Point roll-out.

    To help finance this, the charge for parking will go up to £1.10 per hour from September. This will be a new flat rate for both cash and Ringgo. It is the first increase since 2018 and is less than the rate of inflation for the period. However, anyone who uses Ringgo to pay will see a 2p reduction in cost for the first hour, because there will no longer be an extra charge for users of the service. That means, despite the rise in base price, nearly 50% of users will actually pay less for an hour's parking.

    The Council is also introducing a new permit system from April that will significantly benefit 80% of users. For most residents and businesses, the monthly permit price will reduce to £56 from £85. In addition, there will be Low Paid Worker Permits at £15 per month to support retail, hospitality and care workers.

    The continuation of more people working from home for at least part of the week is also being recognised with new flexible permits available pro rata at no extra cost e.g. a permit for 2 days per week.

    Cabinet Member, Councillor Clayton Wellman, said, "Not surprisingly, our car parks have been used less than normal in the last two years resulting in a drop in income. This has affected the Council's ability to fund necessary maintenance work and improvements. Much as we'd all like to keep parking charges frozen, this has made a carefully measured increase in the parking charge essential. With that extra money, we will be able to bring the car parks to the standard that residents expect and which makes our town and village centres attractive to visitors."

    "I am also delighted that we are able to support residents and local businesses by reducing the permit cost and creating a much more flexible system for so many people who don't have off-street parking and therefore need to use the Council's car parks on a regular basis."

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  • Stephen Cooksey Leader of Mole Valley Council
    Article: Feb 24, 2022

    As we emerge from the pandemic, the Leader of Mole Valley District Council, Stephen Cooksey has set out an exciting vision for the year ahead, prioritising the wellbeing, prosperity and environment of all local residents and businesses.

    "Our Budget and Annual Plan for 2022/23" delivers on many of the commitments set out by Mole Valley Liberal Democrats ahead of the 2021 local elections in a prudent, robust and sustainable programme and includes:

    A new Local Plan for Mole Valley balancing Govt targets and local needs and delivering affordable homes;
    • Introducing a pre-planning service for residents and businesses;
    • Starting to work towards new leisure services contracts in Dorking and Leatherhead and investing in future-proofing Dorking Halls;
    • Providing £1 million towards car park improvements across the District and a £100,000 fund to deliver our carbon neutral commitments such as EV charging points and solar panels;
    IT transformation to support services both physical and virtual
    Tree planting, improving play areas and maintaining green spaces; and
    investment in local independent businesses and the Mole Valley Employment Hub.

    The Council Plan reflects the changing post-pandemic role of our wonderful towns and villages, with a focus on transformation, on supporting residents' physical and mental wellbeing and on helping communities to thrive. The Council will provide essential services for residents while enabling volunteering and community groups to come together for the greater good. It will support our high streets, as they evolve into community hubs. It will provide well-maintained leisure facilities, play areas, green spaces and commons. Most importantly, it puts sustainability at the heart of our vision, our plans and our budget.

  • Monica Weller and Elizabeth ()
    Article: Feb 12, 2022

    Tesco have applied to Mole Valley District Council for a premises licence at the old Co-op building at the top of Bookham High Street. The consultation closes on 4thMarch.

    Full details of the application, including how to comment, can be found online at:

  • Cost of Living Crisis ()
    Article: Feb 7, 2022

    The UK is facing a cost of living crisis. A combination of Brexit, the pandemic, and Inflation is pushing prices up for everyone.

    Energy prices are set to rise dramatically and could push one in four UK households into 'fuel stress' - spending at least 10 per cent of their family budgets on energy bills.

    Inflation is at its highest rate for 30 years, food prices have seen their biggest rise since the crash in 2008 and the price of a tank of petrol increased by £12 in 2021.

    Yet while millions have been struggling, the Conservative Government has cut universal credit and hiked national insurance.

    The Conservatives are making it harder for people at this difficult time.

    Here's what we would do instead:

    Tax super-rich multi-national companies to make them pay their fair share.
    Invest in Green Homes and Green Energy to cut fuel bills and tackle fuel poverty.
    Make trade easier with Europe to tackle food shortages and cut prices.

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