Some thoughts on fly-tipping

February 25, 2019 6:22 PM

From Claire Malcomson, Liberal Democrat District Councillor for The Holmwoods:

Claire Malcomson ()Last year a colleague and I started a pressure group MARFT ( Mole Valley Against Rural Fly-tipping). We have joined together with the CPRE, Surrey Willdlife Trust and the National Trust in order to fight fly-tipping and prosecute the culprits. It costs the NT £30,000 p.a to clear up tips on their land in East Surrey.

There are different types of fly-tippers.

Worst of all are the professionals...

Fly tipping is fast becoming a roaring trade, all over the country. It has become part of large organised crime networks. But what can the public do?

Two important things.

Firstly check that anyone taking your waste away has a 'waste carriers licence' and take a picture of it. This is for your own safety because if your possessions are identified on an illegal tip YOU can get prosecuted. Forensics are now being used to identify property.

The second thing we are calling for is for everyone to report tips onto the Mole Valley District Council website. Including private land owners who have to clear the mess up themselves. It is vital that we have an accurate record of how many of these are happening within the district, so we can relay the information back to Surrey County Council as evidence that we need our CRCs (dumps) kept open. If the Ranmore tip is closed, after the extended 6 months the District Council has been able to keep it open (initiatve lead by the Liberal Democrats, as was the successful effort around three years ago) there is little doubt fly-tipping will increase again. No-one wants residents driving miles from the south of the district to empty their cars the other side of Leatherhead. This will add to congestion in the area and more fuel consumption. We all want less of both, don't we?

So please 'Report It'.

And don't be shy to ask to see the Waste Carriers Licence and take a photo of it for your records.