Lib Dems secure unanimous cross-party support for Climate Emergency motion

June 22, 2019 3:03 PM

The Liberal Democrats successfully steered their Climate Emergency motion through an Extraordinary meeting of Mole Valley District Council on Tuesday 18th June. The result was met with delight and cheers from the public viewing gallery.

This now empowers the Lib Dem administration to drive ahead with policies and programmes that will enable Mole Valley to be one of the leading councils in the country delivering effective measures to help safeguard our world from the damaging effects of global warming.

Claire Malcomson, Councillor and Cabinet Member for the Environment, says: 'We are uniquely placed as a local authority to lead the way in our district and put ourselves forward as a blueprint for others to follow. We have committed to review the way we do things as we strive towards carbon neutrality. This will inevitably involve changes limited not only to ourselves, but those that provide services on our behalf. Time is of the essence and, while we would want to achieve this earlier, we will do everything in our power to become carbon neutral by 2030.'

Claire Malcomson and other LibDem councillors (Mole Valley Liberal Democrats)

Since taking office on 23rd May the new Lib Dem administration has already started investigating practical measures including:

  • green energy supplies for all council consumption
  • details on our buildings' emissions and ways to reduce them
  • how the council and its contractors can stop using glyphosate
  • bringing smart travel to the district, engaging with Surrey County Council to achieve this
  • new web pages of practical advice for residents on how to reduce their own carbon footprint

Watch the Leader of the Council, Councillor Stephen Cooksey, provide more details:

The Lib Dems plan to lead the way in finding real life, practical solutions to mitigating the effects of modern consumer living. People are really waking up to the imminent threat of climate change and we aim to encourage Mole Valley residents to support and join us in this critical endeavour. Parliamentary Candidate and Councillor Paul Kennedy says: 'Climate change is a global emergency. We can't just sit by and let it happen. We can be a leader in the fight against climate change, but only if we act now to create a clean, green and carbon-free future.'