Local residents are supporting Paul's campaign for a brighter future

November 23, 2019 5:07 PM

Why Mole Valley residents are voting for Paul Kennedy:

Chris ()

Say no to callous Conservative cuts

"I believe in social justice and am appalled at the cuts to local services over the past few years. Under the Tories schools, children's centres and local services have been closed or severely cut back. The same for the NHS with waiting times up and staffing levels down. This impacts on everyone but especially the most vulnerable. Though previously a Labour supporter, I believe that the highest priority now is to remove the Tories from office and vote for an MP who is most likely to win in this area. I therefore will be lending my vote to Paul Kennedy."

Bernadeta ()

Let's stop the Brexit chaos

"I always used to vote Conservative but I have watched them getting more extreme - further away from ordinary people. They are pursuing Brexit at any cost and we cannot sit back while our economy is ruined and our rights and freedoms put under threat. I have recently experienced hostility at UK Borders when returning home after holidays and visiting family. I want to remain in the EU where our rights are protected. This time I am voting Lib Dem."

Sally ()

We must act for a greener future

"I am passionate about our environment and while I have great sympathy with Green Party policies, their chances of winning here are minimal. The Tories have not taken climate change seriously and their plans have been woefully inadequate. I was very impressed with the local Lib Dem council declaring a climate emergency. The Lib Dem candidate, Paul Kennedy, is an honourable person who will work hard for Mole Valley. So he is getting my vote."

Paul KennedyA successful campaigner and local champion for a brighter future in Mole Valley

Paul Kennedy's biog:

Paul has the experience of a varied career in scientific, financial and legal areas, working for over 30 years in both the private and the public sectors. Paul lives in Great Bookham and for the last three and a half years he has represented Mole Valley residents as a local councillor.

Paul's track record:

fingerPaul is passionate about preserving our NHS and has successfully fought to maintain vital services at local hospitals and he led the successful campaign to save a local GP surgery from closure.

fingerAs a councillor he has been involved in protecting our local environment. Unlike our last Conservative MP, he opposed the Tory closures of the local recycling centres and fought successfully to reverse them.

fingerPaul has fought to keep schools and children's centres open and will continue to campaign to restore them.

fingerHe will continue his challenge to the Conservative government building targets for the Green Belt.