Mole Valley’s Draft Local Plan: Time to have your say

January 30, 2020 12:20 PM

General consensus for Cabinet to ratify Public Consultation

At the Council meeting held on Tuesday 28th January, there was general consensus from Members who spoke that Cabinet should ratify its decision to launch the public consultation on the Draft Local Plan. The Consultation will now run for seven weeks from 3rd February until 23rd March 2020. (For details see below).

The aims of the consultation are twofold: to explain the type and scale of development that needs to be accommodated in the District as a consequence of government demands for housing numbers; and to seek the views of the public on the approach to accommodating those requirements as set out in the draft Plan. Views will be sought on the overall strategy, and also the individual policies and sites needed to implement the strategy.

The Plan is in draft. It is very important that as many residents as possible engage in the consultation on this draft Plan. MVDC will be advertising on radio, press, outdoor and social media about how to take part in the consultation; every household will also receive a mail out explaining how to get more information and how to respond. Residents can attend one or more of the 13 roadshows being held across the District. Members will then reflect on public feedback and make any changes to the draft Plan that are felt to be necessary before a final version of the Plan is issued for a further round of public Consultation. Publication of the final version of the Plan for submission to Government will be a decision of the full Council.

Central Government has set high housing targets across the country. Mole Valley is required to find space for a minimum of 449 homes per year during the plan period, totalling 6,735 homes. A 'brownfield first' approach has been taken from the outset, with the need for new development being met within built up areas or on previously developed land as far as possible. In spite of looking at all options for maximising capacity on brownfield land, there would remain an unmet housing need of some 2200 dwellings. Site allocations to meet this housing need, and a buffer to allow for flexibility in housing delivery and to adapt to rapid change, can only be met on undeveloped land. The majority of undeveloped land in Mole Valley is currently designated as Green Belt.

Find out more about the draft Local Plan

The draft Local Plan and supporting evidence will be available to view on and in hard copy at MVDC's offices and libraries throughout the District.