What Lib Dems achieved for residents in 2019

February 16, 2020 10:25 AM
Paul and Margaret ()

Cllrs Margaret Cooksey & Paul Kennedy

  • Obtained approval for the Claire and James House redevelopment and started work on the Riverside Park project.
  • Declared a Climate Emergency in June. Introduced water-refilling stations and more electric charging points.
  • Supported new business initiatives all around the District, including markets.
  • Launched 'Opportunity Dorking' with a fund of £275,000 to look at ways to support businesses and rejuvenate the town centre.
  • Continued our campaign to improve broadband connectivity in rural areas, with a £50,000 funding injection.

With new proposals which address years of neglect:

Bridget Kendrick ()

Cllr Bridget Kendrick

"The Liberal Democrat budget sets out to address years of neglect by previous administrations," says Leatherhead North Councillor, Bridget Kendrick.

"We will introduce improvements to customer services to help get queries sorted quickly and efficiently with more staff and better IT systems to manage and process queries."

"Some of you," Bridget adds, "will be pleased that the budget covers a new, user-friendly council website which will be simpler for customers to use."