2021 Abhi Magesh

March 8, 2021 4:31 PM

Abhiram (Abhi) Magesh - Mole Valley District Council candidate

Abhi MageshAbhi is a 23-year-old medical student who grew up in the Home Counties and attended Wellington College. He says "Thanks to my parent's sacrifices my education exposed me to opportunities which nurtured my aspirations". He believe that every child should have access, in the state school system, to the quality education that is provided in the best schools in the country.

Abhi chose to be a doctor because he is interested in the adversities people experience and how medicine could help them through it. While at school, he volunteered at a care home and worked part-time at a pharmacy which gave him insight into social care and mental health services and a perspective on the barriers faced in attaining access to healthcare. His training and rotations with GPs and hospitals he says "have deepened my understanding of our NHS and as a result, I am passionate about guaranteeing first-rate healthcare, free at the point of use".

As the child of immigrants, born abroad, Abhi has experienced diverse cultures which have shaped his values of inclusivity and openness. He says "Being British is integral to my identity" and continues. "I'm proud of our values of fair play, the rule of law and meritocracy which have underpin the foundations in my life and which enabled my parents to succeed in making their life here".

In his spare time, Abhi is deputy editor of his college magazine, is an active member in the Drama Society, and plays Badminton.