2021 Bridget Kendrick

March 8, 2021 4:32 PM

Bridget KendrickBridget Kendrick - Mole Valley District Council candidate

Bridget moved to Mole Valley in 2013 with her young family and now lives in the centre of Leatherhead in a 3-generational household.

She works in marketing, leading a global team in the sustainable energy and chemicals markets. As a proud internationalist, she believes we are better working with our global partners and joined the Liberal Democrats over the key issue of Europe.

Growing up with a disabled sister Bridget know first-hand the importance of the NHS, and how her US colleagues struggle to afford healthcare. She says "she is truly grateful that her sister had the care she needed to lead a full life and that having this family support enabled her to grasp opportunities in a working-class environment. Education, healthcare, tolerance and justice are at the core of my beliefs".

Bridget was elected councillor for Leatherhead North in 2016, and became a cabinet member when the Lib Dems took control of MVDC in 2019. In this role she has improved council efficiency by replacing the obsolete IT system and her financial management protected services and the councils financial health during the global pandemic. Her energy has ensured the production of a fair local plan that protects the green belt with needed infrastructure and has facilitated the councils work on Climate Change measures but has still allocated the time and passion to support the North Leatherhead Community Hub project.

In her spare time Bridget enjoys being with her family, hiking, reading history and watching Sci-Fi, and of course politics!