2021 Colette T'Hart

March 8, 2021 4:38 PM

Colette T'Hart - Candidate for Surrey County Council


Colette has lived in Ashtead with her daughter who attends secondary school in the area since 2005. With more than 20 years of experience in IT consulting, a lifetime activist for a fair society, and a community group leader to help people affected by cancer, Colette wants to use her problems solving and leadership skills to support Ashtead's vision, and provide the village with more sustainable affordable housings, free day-care for all families, and more funding in our schools to enable our children to become better skilled, compassionate and well prepared for the future.

As a Councillor candidate for Surrey CC and for Ashtead Common on Mole Valley Council Colette will support initiatives aimed at empowering resident involvement and collaboration between Surrey County Council and Mole
Valley Council.

Her aims are to build energy-efficient homes on suitable sites and in renovated empty office spaces which are affordable. She would campaign to obtain funding for the construction or upgrading of state schools in the area to make them energy-efficient and to increase the budget for E-learning.

She would campaign to extending learning disability programs for children who struggle in our schools and to support measures to attracting new teachers to move to work in the area and to campaign for free day-care for all working families.

Colette says "Together, with your support we can build a village that remain safe, greener, and more prosperous. We can create a community that celebrates our youth, opening doors for their futures. And together, we can create an Ashtead that our residents can be proud to call home.