2021 Gareth Parsons

March 8, 2021 4:39 PM

Gareth Parsons - Mole Valley District Council Candidate Gareth 2021

A Surrey resident for over 15 years, Gareth has, in more recently years, settled in the beautiful Mole Valley enjoying not only its convenience for London but more importantly its stunning countryside. His interest in politics was amplified during the run up to the European Referendum which has led him to stand as Liberal Democrat Candidate for Leatherhead South.

Professionally, Gareth has been in the recruitment industry for 20 years. This has seen him successfully operate across many different industry sectors. He currently recruits to executive and senior posts in the non-profit and voluntary sectors. Recently he has launched his own business in this field to increase the impact for socially purposed organisations.

Having volunteered and fundraised for homelessness charities, Gareth understands the importance of good quality public services, and the positive impact they can have on the lives of residents. He envisages the future potential of our local town centre as a cultural and social hub and is a great supporter of the fabulous Leatherhead Theatre, and regular markets. Combining residential within a repurposed town centre could be the answer to our shortage of affordable homes, without sacrificing our countryside and green spaces, he feels.

Gareth loves to travel, having visited remote corners of Southern Africa and the rich cultures of South East Asia and Japan. He has broadened his view on how people live their lives, not just locally but around the world.