2021 Nick Wright

March 8, 2021 4:44 PM

Nick Wright - Mole Valley District Council Candidate Nick w 2021

Nick has lived in Dorking for over 25 years, having moved to Cotmandene in 1993 after living overseas for many years (mainly in Canada and Norway). Nick and his wife Stephanie brought up three children there, attending St Paul's and The Ashcombe Schools. Nick continued a career as a professional geologist in the energy business, while Stephanie established herself in the Arts world as a potter, with a studio in the Town.

As a couple, they always held strong beliefs in the value and importance of local community efforts and activities. He says "to contradict Margaret Thatcher - there IS such a thing as community!" He became involved in the Transition Town movement, and in the early stages of establishing Transition Dorking, and subsequently led the setting up and running of Dorking Community Orchard. Stephanie was involved in opposing some of the more destructive Supermarket proposals for the town centre, and as a result became a founder member of the local-food project "Food Float", for which she volunteered and became Chair - a role which Nick has now taken on, following her death in 2019.

They were both long-time Liberal Democrat voters and supporters, but Nick has recently become much more involved in the local party. His interests are in environmental, transport and energy policies; local sustainability in food production; affordable housing, and creating a vibrant and sustainable shopping/ business/ entertainment town centre; and supporting our wonderful NHS as well as hospice end-of-life care.