2021 Claire Malcomson

April 6, 2021 12:34 PM

Claire Malcomson - Surrey County Council Candidate

Claire Malcomson ()

Claire Malcomson

Claire has lived in Surrey for 30 years. As Environment Cabinet member and an active Councillor, she strives to make all residents feel listened to, especially the more vulnerable.

In opposition, Claire led the way with various motions to Council, including getting the Tories to commit to install EV charging points, support care leavers, introduce the Refill Scheme. She was the obvious choice to become Environment Cabinet Member.

She stands up for our Green Belt.

In office, she made sure the Council declared a Climate Emergency and to become carbon neutral by 2030. Despite the pandemic, her ground-breaking Climate Strategy, announced this October, will change the energy provider, expand green energy, introduce solar car canopies, lower the Council's emissions, plant trees, increase biodiversity. Mowing regimes have already been changed to save pollinators.

Claire's been involved in saving our tips, improving our bin service, and trying to lower fly-tipping. She's instigated youth and adult activities, set up a community garden group and fought against Tory cuts to keep Sexual Health Clinics and Children Centres open.

Claire's against drilling expansion at Horse Hill and Brockham and fought to save Leith Hill; spoke out on national and local media, including The Today Programme; and spontaneously addressed crowds on Westminster Bridge, against Climate Change and Government subsidies to fossil fuels.

She enjoys solving residents' housing issues and getting improvements done.

Before entering local politics to help her community, she brought up 4 children on her own. Claire still runs her own business in Surrey.