2021 Jon Brewer

April 12, 2021 5:12 PM

Jon Brewer - Candidate for Mole Valley District Council

Jon BrewerJon has lived in Ashtead for more than 25 years and is married with two daughters in their twenties.

Jon has enjoyed a wide set of experiences in his working life, spanning local authority, charity, telecommunications and technology sectors. In more recent years, he has been working in the field of cyber security and has developed an increasing interest in the issue of 'disinformation' - how it is happening and why, as well as how best to counter it.

This is one of the drivers behind Jon's keen interest in politics. Much of the case for leaving the EU was built on elements of disinformation. We have seen the effects with alarming clarity also in the US. Societies around the world are becoming increasingly polarised.

There is a huge need to find common ground in 'the centre', and this is the natural territory for Liberal Democrats here in the UK.

Jon firmly believes that, to bring about the right kind of change, we need to change our first past the post electoral system, as well as - in parallel - reviewing media regulation in this new digital age.

He also believes that, among many other needs, it will be helpful to regain ground in empathy and making real connections at a local level, among our neighbours, friends and families - finding ways to keep listening to each other, in spite of our disagreements.