Taking time out to explore the views from both sides of the (BMX) track

June 21, 2021 11:14 AM

David Draper, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Tourism at Ranmore BMX track ()As Liberal Democrats, we have pledged to be greener, fairer and more caring in the way we serve Mole Valley communities. This Lib Dem Council administration cares about community and understands the importance of listening when local residents express genuine concerns about issues that are important to them. During the course of the last few weeks, for example, there has been much discussion over the future of the Dorking BMX Track, with new and varying concerns coming to light from local people and users of the track. Consequently, we have decided to withdraw the current BMX report and recommendations from consideration by the Cabinet at its meeting on 22nd June. This will allow more time to explore all the views and discuss a future course of action on what is clearly an important issue to members of our community.

Initial consideration of views from local people, from different interest groups and from the results of the consultation appear to indicate three possible options for the future of the site:

  1. Agree to the management of the site by Trail Academy as recommended in the report to Scrutiny Committee and Cabinet but with further discussion of ways to overcome concerns of the local community.
  2. Invite local voluntary organisations to undertake voluntary management of the site. They would need to submit their plans for management including proposals for raising appropriate capital and revenue funding for the restoration and upkeep of the site.
  3. Do nothing, which will lead to the gradual further deterioration of the site, and potentially to closure, given that the Council does not have the resources to improve or manage the facility.

One of the concerns expressed by members of the public was the need for an ecological survey. With our commitment to the environment and biodiversity, the Liberal Democrats of the Council support investigatory and information gathering work; this will be set in place as soon as practicable and a final recommendation submitted for further scrutiny.

We would like to thank all of those concerned members of the public who have taken the time to contact the Council to express their views. We have listened, we are acting fairly, we care about finding a solution that preserves the facility, is environmentally friendly and is welcomed by the community.