The Conservatives’ Cost of Living Crisis

October 19, 2021 9:38 AM

Years of Conservative failure have left residents across the country facing a devastating cost of living crisis.

Families already struggling to recover from the pandemic face a triple whammy of tax rises, benefit reductions and record price increases.

The UK's energy crisis leaves many residents with a choice between eating and heating this winter - with even bigger price rises expected in the new year.

Meanwhile, shops are hiking prices and struggling to get food on the shelves.

This leaves us asking: "Where is the bright future Boris Johnson and the Conservatives promised for the country?"

We all came together to battle through the pandemic, but the Government has abandoned people - and the promises they made to us all - at the first opportunity.

There is a growing fear among people we speak to about how they will cope in the months to come.

Everything is getting more expensive, support from the Government is being cut and tax rises mean everyone will see less money in their pay packet each month.

Instead of helping, the Conservatives are squeezing people already desperately struggling to get by. They must scrap their tax rise and their cuts to Universal Credit.