Liberal Democrats Lead Calls for Action on the Climate Emergency

November 1, 2021 10:30 AM

There is no denying it: climate change is real - and if urgent action is not taken now it could be too late.

COP26This summer saw more wildfires and flash floods across the world. Temperatures are rising year on year.

"It is clear that we must take this issue seriously," says Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey MP. "Yet the Conservative Government is delaying climate action and the Prime Minister still cannot make up his mind whether he cares about the climate or not."

With the UN Climate Conference (COP26) is being held in Glasgow, we believe that this is the chance for our country to lead the world in tackling the Climate Emergency.

The world is watching as the Tories dither over permitting coal mines, introducing changes to planning law that will concrete over the countryside, and slash incentives to upgrade our homes or to buy electric vehicles. We can, and should, be setting an example. Instead we are showing other countries that climate inaction is acceptable. Nationally, the Liberal Democrats are calling for a £150 billion Green Recovery Plan to create thousands of jobs whilst cutting emissions.

The Lib Dem Plan to Fight Climate Change

Protect the countryside: increasing the amount of protected green space, planting 60 million more trees, and working with farmers to restore natural habitats.

Tackle fuel poverty: "greening" every home, improving insulation, and saving homeowners money.

Improve air quality: Promoting cycling and walking, get the right to unpolluted air protected in law and introduce more ultra-low emission zones.

Greener Transport: Increasing bus routes, investing in electric vehicles and re-opening railway lines.

More Renewable Energy: Investing more in offshore wind, removing restrictions on solar power, and supporting communities to develop local electricity.