Britain needs a party prepared to listen - a message from Ed Davey

January 27, 2022 8:40 AM

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We all fear that in the end, it will be our children who have paid the price for this pandemic.

Countless hours of invaluable face-to-face learning time has been lost to Covid. And Boris Johnson's failure to defend our children's education meant that his Government spent the same amount in one month on Eat Out To Help Out as it did for our children's school catch-up in a whole year.

The Conservatives are failing our children. They're the number one roadblock to a better future for Britain.

  • A future where our children's education is the top priority.
  • Where schools raise their mental wellbeing and their maths grades.
  • Where they can excel at English and find their talent for music or sport.
  • Where they grow into happy, healthy adults.

That's the future the Liberal Democrats offer.

We'd inject £15 billion into education as a priority. A third of this will go directly to parents in the form of Catch-Up Vouchers. These can be spent on what each child needs the most - whether that's tutoring, physical education, music lessons or something else.

Because every child deserves a chance to succeed.

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Ed Davey, Leader of the Liberal Democrats

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