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Cost of living crisis

February 7, 2022 2:49 PM
Cost of Living Crisis ()

The UK is facing a cost of living crisis. A combination of Brexit, the pandemic, and Inflation is pushing prices up for everyone.

Energy prices are set to rise dramatically and could push one in four UK households into 'fuel stress' - spending at least 10 per cent of their family budgets on energy bills.

Inflation is at its highest rate for 30 years, food prices have seen their biggest rise since the crash in 2008 and the price of a tank of petrol increased by £12 in 2021.

Yet while millions have been struggling, the Conservative Government has cut universal credit and hiked national insurance.

The Conservatives are making it harder for people at this difficult time.

Here's what we would do instead:

Tick () Tax super-rich multi-national companies to make them pay their fair share.
Tick () Invest in Green Homes and Green Energy to cut fuel bills and tackle fuel poverty.
Tick () Make trade easier with Europe to tackle food shortages and cut prices.

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