Delivering our Vision for Mole Valley

February 24, 2022 8:40 AM

As we emerge from the pandemic, the Leader of Mole Valley District Council, Stephen Cooksey has set out an exciting vision for the year ahead, prioritising the wellbeing, prosperity and environment of all local residents and businesses.

"Our Budget and Annual Plan for 2022/23" delivers on many of the commitments set out by Mole Valley Liberal Democrats ahead of the 2021 local elections in a prudent, robust and sustainable programme and includes:

A new Local Plan for Mole Valley balancing Govt targets and local needs and delivering affordable homes;
• Introducing a pre-planning service for residents and businesses;
• Starting to work towards new leisure services contracts in Dorking and Leatherhead and investing in future-proofing Dorking Halls;
• Providing £1 million towards car park improvements across the District and a £100,000 fund to deliver our carbon neutral commitments such as EV charging points and solar panels;
IT transformation to support services both physical and virtual
Tree planting, improving play areas and maintaining green spaces; and
investment in local independent businesses and the Mole Valley Employment Hub.

The Council Plan reflects the changing post-pandemic role of our wonderful towns and villages, with a focus on transformation, on supporting residents' physical and mental wellbeing and on helping communities to thrive. The Council will provide essential services for residents while enabling volunteering and community groups to come together for the greater good. It will support our high streets, as they evolve into community hubs. It will provide well-maintained leisure facilities, play areas, green spaces and commons. Most importantly, it puts sustainability at the heart of our vision, our plans and our budget.

Stephen Cooksey Leader of Mole Valley CouncilCllr Stephen Cooksey leader of the Liberal Democrats, and Council Leader on Mole Valley District Council, said:

"I am delighted that despite receiving less Government funding than any other principal Council in England and coping with the financial uncertainties of COVID, we can put forward this robust, sustainable and prudent plan for the next year. Liberal Democrats were re-elected to the Council last May on a manifesto that promised that they would stand up for local people, deliver the vision we share with our residents and that we would care, be respectful and run the Council effectively and efficiently. All of these values - along with many of our specific policy promises - are reflected in this Plan, which will help our wonderful District and all its residents, businesses and communities to continue to thrive."

Click here for the detailed "Budget and Our Annual Plan".