Tories block progress on 20 mph zones

February 27, 2022 4:15 PM

Conservatives running Surrey County Council have dismissed calls by the Lib Dems to roll out 20 mph zones in residential roads and outside schools across Surrey.

20 is plenty ()Surrey Lib Dems recently put forward a motion calling for a bigger and bolder programme of schemes to implement 20 mph zones using signs only, in a bid to facilitate better conditions for walking and cycling; improve road safety; tackle climate change and to allow residents to enjoy the resulting wider health benefits.

Stephen Cooksey, County Councillor, commented:

"The Tories want expensive traffic calming measures first, which will prevent most schemes going ahead. Liberal Democrats will continue our campaign."


Young children and cyclists stand to benefit most if speed limits in residential roads were reduced to 20mph.Streets with a 20mph speed limit have less traffic noise, lower emissions and 40% fewer road causalities, improving road safety especially for young children.Local Lib Dems are calling for 20mph limits on most residential roads, resulting in lowers speeds without the need for traffic calming.Combined with investment into improved cycle facilities in the borough, 20mph limits can improve road safety while encouraging more local residents to get on their bikes.