Poll shows Lib Dems removing Mole Valley’s Tory MP

July 27, 2022 8:41 AM

Constituency now on knife edge with Lib Dems 2% ahead

Recent constituency modelling by You Gov has shown that had a General Election been held on the day they sampled, the most likely result would the removal of Mole Valley's Tory MP by the Lib Dems.

The polling showed that the Conservatives would lose 26 out of 64 seats where the Lib Dems polled well at the last General Election. These include other Surrey seats Esher & Walton (Dominic Raab's seat), Guildford, Woking and Jeremy Hunt's seat, South West Surrey.

The results use the same model as You Gov used successfully in the 2019 General Election to predict the outcomes at constituency level.

Lib Dem Leader of Mole Valley Council, Stephen Cooksey, said, "This is no surprise and follows the strong Liberal Democrat performance in recent local elections where we have outpolled the Conservatives by a considerable margin. So-called "blue wall" seats like Mole Valley are clearly going to be in play at the next General Election as the Conservatives remain out of touch with the lives of ordinary people."