Meet our team standing for election across Mole Valley on May 6th 2021.

  • Jon Brewer
    Article: Apr 12, 2021

    Jon Brewer - Candidate for Mole Valley District Council

    Jon has lived in Ashtead for more than 25 years and is married with two daughters in their twenties.

    Jon has enjoyed a wide set of experiences in his working life, spanning local authority, charity, telecommunications and technology sectors. In more recent years, he has been working in the field of cyber security and has developed an increasing interest in the issue of 'disinformation' - how it is happening and why, as well as how best to counter it.

  • Claire Malcomson ()
    Article: Apr 6, 2021

    Claire Malcomson - Surrey County Council Candidate

    Claire has lived in Surrey for 30 years. As Environment Cabinet member and an active Councillor, she strives to make all residents feel listened to, especially the more vulnerable.

    In opposition, Claire led the way with various motions to Council, including getting the Tories to commit to install EV charging points, support care leavers, introduce the Refill Scheme. She was the obvious choice to become Environment Cabinet Member.

  • Stephen C 2021
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Stephen Cooksey - Surrey County Council Candidate

    Stephen is currently Leader of Mole Valley District Council and a member of Surrey County Council. He is one of the most experienced Councillors in the country having served as an elected Councillor for 48 of the past 50 years - the 2 year gap was when a career change required a move from the North of England to the South. He has served on 5 different authorities including 8 years as Leader of the Liberal (Democrat) Group on Leeds City Council and 2 periods as Leader of the Group on Mole Valley Council.

  • Rosemary 2021
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Rosemary Hobbs - Mole Valley District Council Candidate

    Born in Manchester, Rosemary has lived in North Holmwood for over thirty years. Her children were educated locally and she served two terms as a Governor at St John's School. Rosemary worked extensively in Mathematics Education and as a secondary school Head of Department and continues to keep abreast of national developments in education through tutoring, examining and membership of the National Education Union. She is a strong believer in the importance of high quality Early Years provision to improve outcomes for socially disadvantaged children.

  • Philippa 2021
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Philippa Shimmin - Candidate for Mole Valley District Council

    Philippa has lived in Ashtead for many years and brought up her family here. Her children attended local
    schools. She is a teacher who specialises in teaching children with learning difficulties and was a volunteer for the Young Carers club.

  • Paul K 2021
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Paul Kennedy - Mole Valley District Council Candidate

    Cllr Paul Kennedy is a former barrister, accountant and actuary, with a degree in science and mathematics from Cambridge University and a postgraduate qualification in law from City University. He has over 30 years professional experience working in both private and public sectors, including Prudential, HM Treasury, the Bar, a major accountancy firm and the national regulators for financial services and financial reporting.

  • Nick w 2021
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Nick Wright - Mole Valley District Council Candidate

    Nick has lived in Dorking for over 25 years, having moved to Cotmandene in 1993 after living overseas for many years (mainly in Canada and Norway). Nick and his wife Stephanie brought up three children there, attending St Paul's and The Ashcombe Schools. Nick continued a career as a professional geologist in the energy business, while Stephanie established herself in the Arts world as a potter, with a studio in the Town.

  • monia weller
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Monica Weller - Mole Valley District Council Candidate

    Monica Weller has lived in Great Bookham for 33 years and is a well-known investigative journalist, public speaker and photographer. She turned to writing after working as a senior manager for a local charity for over 10 years. Monica is best known for ghost writing the best seller RUTH ELLIS MY SISTER'S SECRET LIFE and continues to give presentations locally and nationally about Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged in the UK.

  • Raj Haque
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Jehangir (Raj) Haque - Surrey County Council Candidate

    Cllr Raj Haque is a well-known face in Bookham and Fetcham, having lived here for over 40 years and as owner of a popular Fetcham restaurant. Since his election to Mole Valley District Council in 2010, Raj has worked hard for residents, both in his own ward of Fetcham West and across Mole Valley as Chairman of the Council in 2018-19. Raj believes in working with other councillors and residents to get things done, and is always willing to help those in need, whether during the floods of 2013/14, supporting key workers during the pandemic, or through charity work. His proudest achievements include getting Cock Lane repaired, a 20mph zone for Fetcham's schools, and saving Fetcham's Molebridge surgery from closure.

  • Jane 2021
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Jane de Silva - Surrey County Council Candidate

    Jane moved to Mole Valley in mid 2019, and having grown up in the Sussex South Downs, immediately felt at home and welcomed in this beautiful, green, community-minded area. Prior to moving to the area, Jane lived with her family in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for a number of years, where she worked in a favela (slum) community, and founded Project Hub, a Brazilian NGO that supports disadvantaged youth with mentoring and training in entrepreneurship. The overarching goal is to build aspiration.

  • Hazel 2021
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Hazel Watson - Surrey County Council Candidate

    Hazel Watson has been an active campaigner across the Dorking Hills for over thirty years. She has represented the Dorking Hills on the County Council and served as a governor of The Ashcombe School since 1993, and is currently the District Council Cabinet Member for Community, Vice Chair of the Police & Crime Panel, a Board Member of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and a Member of the East Surrey YMCA Children and Youth Services Advisory Group.

  • Gareth 2021
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Gareth Parsons - Mole Valley District Council Candidate

    A Surrey resident for over 15 years, Gareth has, in more recently years, settled in the beautiful Mole Valley enjoying not only its convenience for London but more importantly its stunning countryside. His interest in politics was amplified during the run up to the European Referendum which has led him to stand as Liberal Democrat Candidate for Leatherhead South.

  • Collette
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Colette T'Hart - Candidate for Surrey County Council

    Colette has lived in Ashtead with her daughter who attends secondary school in the area since 2005. With more than 20 years of experience in IT consulting, a lifetime activist for a fair society, and a community group leader to help people affected by cancer, Colette wants to use her problems solving and leadership skills to support Ashtead's vision, and provide the village with more sustainable affordable housings, free day-care for all families, and more funding in our schools to enable our children to become better skilled, compassionate and well prepared for the future.

  • Chris Miller
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Chris Miller - Mole Valley District Council Candidate

    Chris has lived in Fetcham for nearly 30 years and feels very lucky to have spent those years in such a beautiful area.

    She graduated from Exeter University, and spent her early career with BP and subsequently in a software development company which she and her partner established in Leatherhead.

  • Chris C 2021
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Chris Coghlan - Mole Valley District Council Candidate

    Chris was bought up in Peaslake. When Chris was eighteen, he met children in Mozambique who had lost their parents in war and living in extreme poverty.

    This gave Chris a passion for serving the most vulnerable, whoever they are and wherever they are from. After starting his career in the city, he served in Iraq as a British soldier against ISIS and in the Foreign Office to protect the innocent from war. He pioneered a new method of international poverty relief, training micro-entrepreneurs over mobile phone. Chris used this method to found the charity Grow Movement, which has improved the lives of over 50,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Bridget Kendrick
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Bridget Kendrick - Mole Valley District Council candidate

    Bridget moved to Mole Valley in 2013 with her young family and now lives in the centre of Leatherhead in a 3-generational household.

    She works in marketing, leading a global team in the sustainable energy and chemicals markets. As a proud internationalist, she believes we are better working with our global partners and joined the Liberal Democrats over the key issue of Europe.

  • Abhi Magesh
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Abhiram (Abhi) Magesh - Mole Valley District Council candidate

    Abhi is a 23-year-old medical student who grew up in the Home Counties and attended Wellington College. He says "Thanks to my parent's sacrifices my education exposed me to opportunities which nurtured my aspirations". He believe that every child should have access, in the state school system, to the quality education that is provided in the best schools in the country.

  • andrew matthews
    Article: Mar 8, 2021

    Andrew Matthews - Mole Valley District Council Candidate

    Andrew grew up in Fetcham, attended local schools and went on to higher education, before starting his career on the railways.

    After living in Leatherhead, he moved to Bookham, with his wife and young family in 2010.

    Working as a Railway Signalling Engineer, he is regularly part of a team upgrading the railway infrastructure, and was involved in the recent remodelling, of London Bridge Station. He also enjoys spending time between rail projects, as a handyman working in the area.