New housing will provide new community facilities

Green Belt

The stricter criteria for removing land from the Green Belt confirms that Charlwood does not have any new sites proposed for housing.

However parts of the Green Belt near Hookwood were found to no longer have a significant impact on the purposes of the Green Belt. Despite the Lib Dem's challenge to the Government's unreasonable housing target it is necessary to allocate some of this area for new housing.

Housing allocations

Hookwood has housing allocations with sites west of Reigate Road, at Povey Cross Farm, Three Acres and Kennel Lane. A total of 563 dwellings is proposed.

As a designated rural area, this will provide opportunity for a large number of affordable homes. The Local Plan has strong new policies which requires 40% of all homes built to be affordable. This includes houses for rent and for shared ownership to encourage young families into high employment areas, particularly looking to the future.

Flood mitigation measures include directing built development away from Flood Zones 2 & 3.


With the building there will be supporting infrastructure including primary health care and an early years' education centre with public open space.

Hookwood is also listed for road traffic mitigation measures as well as several schemes for pedestrian and cycling facilities.

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