Fetcham's Green Belt protected in new Local Plan

Green Belt protection

Fetcham Springs

Fetcham Springs has been earmarked as a site of special scientific interest

We're delighted to have been able to protect Fetcham's Green Belt in the revised Liberal Democrat version of Mole Valley's Local Plan. This will prevent the village creeping by gradual expansion into the surrounding countryside.

We've also ensured no further encroachment into the Green Belt at River Lane, through a Mole Valley-wide plan for traveller sites which meets Government targets, backed by a specific injunction for River Lane.

Housing allocation

The only sites in Fetcham allocated for housing development are the Tudor Motors site, which already has planning permission, and the Rentwood Resource Centre site in School Lane.


Progress has been made in securing more infrastructure for our area, with proposals for improved cycle and walking routes into Leatherhead, a new scout hut and playground in the Cock Lane Recreation Ground, and more healthcare facilities in Bookham. However, this remains work in progress, and we will continue to lobby the Government and Surrey County Council to provide proper public transport, schools and health facilities for residents.

In particular, we will continue to oppose SWR's Government-backed proposals to cut Mole Valley's rail services. You can sign our petition here.

Other policies

We're maintaining protections for Fetcham's village centre, with requirements for affordable and social housing on large developments, and measures to enhance biodiversity, prevent flooding and fight climate change.

The Fetcham Springs site which had been proposed for sports use has been rejected, and earmarked as a site of special scientific interest so that its biodiversity can be protected.

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