New local plan protects Holmwoods from new housing developments

Green Belt

In December 2017, the Conservative administration called for sites for development in the Green Belt and many of these were included in the previous draft Plan which went for consultation in Jan-Mar 2020.

The Lib Dems' stricter criteria for removing land from the Green Belt confirms that the Holmwoods area does not have any new sites proposed for housing.

Nearby, some Green Belt sites such as those off Westcott Road have had an overall reduction in housing numbers, and others including the major site South of Beare Green have been removed completely from the plan.

Housing allocations

No new housing sites have been allocated in the Holmwoods area.


The supporting programme of infrastructure development includes a number of projects in our area, such as improvements to road junctions and to the A24 cycle path to Beare Green.

Residents may also benefit from new infrastructure at Dorking such as the new Health hub at Dorking Community Hospital.

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