Tighter Green Belt criteria reduce development

Status of villages

Mickleham and Westhumble are both classified as "Tier 4" villages allowing limited infill development on land which is within the Green Belt and which lies inside the village boundary. Such development must be limited to: infill of small gaps in an otherwise built up frontage, on a site which is substantially surrounded by existing development, or is otherwise very well related to the existing layout and built form of the village, and where the proposed development is of modest scale and closely reflects the existing pattern of built development in the immediate surroundings.

Pixham is not classified as a village - a decision we inherited and could not reverse.

Housing allocations

The three previously proposed developments sites in Mickleham and Westhumble have been removed from the draft Local Plan. As these villages are part of the Designated Rural Area, the Rural Exception Housing Policy could be used to justify small-scale affordable developments, such as the proposed scheme in Swanworth Lane which has been supported by the village to provide small units for children who grow up in the village. The proposed site at Westhumble (included in the previous consultation in Jan-Mar 2020) was excluded by the stricter criteria for considering sites in the Green Belt.

The Depot Site in Pixham is also no longer in the draft Local Plan for development, and the proposal for the Travellers pitches has been withdrawn but is partially incorporated into the Pixham End development proposals.

The Pixham End site (south of Pixham Lane) is proposed for development, but with fewer dwellings than were proposed in Jan-Mar 2000. However, this is a very long-term proposal given that there are existing commercial tenants on the site and as Surrey County Council, who own the site, has no current plans to redevelop the site. In fact, the County Council holds the site to generate rental income and to support employment for south Mole Valley residents and has only brought the site forward for consideration for housing to give itself very long-term optionality for its landholding. The Pixham End site (north of Pixham Lane) is to be retained as a sports field.


The Pixham End proposal includes provision for traffic calming on Pixham Lane to reduce traffic speeds along the lane.

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