Local Plan proposes limited new development in Westcott

Direct impact on Westcott

Westcott is defined as a "Tier 3" village whereby development within the village boundary will be permitted where it is of a scale and design which reflects the existing character of the village.

The Local Plan includes proposals for a small development at Mill Way House, Bramley House and Heathcrest with the developer having to bring forward proposals that will help reduce traffic speeds on the A25 and improve compliance with the current speed limit.

The proposal to develop a site close to Westcott House has been withdrawn from the Local Plan.

Other factors affecting Westcott residents

There are proposed residential developments on both the north and south side of the A25 Westcott Road in Dorking. These Green Belt sites were brought forward following the Conservatives' call for development sites in December 2017 and have had to be retained in the new Draft Local Plan in order to meet the local housing need which challenges the Government's unreasonable target housing numbers for Mole Valley. The proposed number of houses on these sites has been reduced from 250 to 214.

Special requirements are attached to these sites to demonstrate that they will not have a significant effect on the transport network in terms of capacity or congestion. The Infrastructure Development Plan also recognises that there is no "engineering solution to the traffic congestion on the historic street pattern of Dorking Town Centre".

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