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Since April 2018 there have been two "swarms" of seismic activity totalling 23 tremors, with their epicentre at Newdigate just a few miles from the Horse Hill oil-drilling site. The largest, an earthquake of magnitude 3.1 at 2km was recorded in Newdigate on 27 Feb 2019 and was felt over a wide area including Beare Green, Newdigate, Capel, Leigh and Charlwood.

Whilst last October, the scientific community was divided on whether the seismic activity is natural or induced, residents are convinced that evidence is now mounting for a causal link, including the recent admission that there was pressure release at Horsehill last April.

However, whether the earthquakes are natural or induced, it is irresponsible to continue oil exploration or extraction in an area of known seismic activity. We ask you to consider the letter to the Times in August 2018 from eminent geologists, including Professor Richard Selley of ICL, who called for a moratorium on oil drilling in the Weald until further studies could be conducted.

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