Petition: Retain a GP surgery in Fetcham

Petition suspended - see "Molebridge Gp surgery - safe for now!"

Fetcham surgery - Paul & Raj ()

We are extremely concerned about the impact of closing the Fetcham surgery of the Molebridge Practice which would leave many Fetcham residents without access to local GP services. The loss of Fetcham's only GP surgery will particularly affect elderly residents and those with limited mobility and transport. It will also undermine local pharmacies and other related businesses in Fetcham, and put increasing pressure on other GP surgeries in Bookham and Leatherhead which are already overstretched.

We call on Surrey Downs CCG, NHS England and other organisations with influence over the provision of GP services in the Fetcham area to take all necessary steps to enable the people of Fetcham to retain permanent access to a local GP surgery.

Background information

Thank you for your interest but we are no longer running this campaign.